Return markdown from query not dast

Is it possible to return actual markdown in a text field, rather than the structured dast?

I’m pulling the structured text into flutter, and was thinking to use the flutter markdown plugin. Which requires straight up markdown not unist/dast.

Hello @emile.swain

I’m assuming you are using a structured text field, not a rich-text field with presentation set to markdown.
In that case, you can parse the request response into markdown with some auxiliary tools:

Although we do have some custom tools like the structured-text-to-plain-text:

If you want to convert the dast to Markdown, the best option for your use-case would probably be

That is designed to take an mdast tree and output markdown.

Yeah, unfortunately i’m in Flutter. Can’t find a dart equivelent.

Unfortunately i couldn’t find one as well :slightly_frowning_face:
The 2 ways around this would be to either parse it manually or somewhere else (which would be very complex to say the least)
Or to use the rich-text field instead of the structured text, but you would have to give up on the blocks inside the field, which is also a pretty big problem
Sadly there seems to be a lack of tools that support mdast in dart.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I’m going to simplify things our end and just a block with title, body for now.