Restore backup


I saw that there was a tutorial on taking a backup of the site at

Is it possible to restore from this backup? I would like to be able to ensure that we can always restore to a previous version in case something went wrong. Is this possible?

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@glenn.bostoen I guess you’ve seen the other half of the guide, but I’ll link it just in case:

in the other half we show how to import data from an existing backup. If you save all the records, uploads, models and fields you should be always able to restore everything.

Soon we’ll launch out of beta the sandbox environments, and with that also a feature for automatic backups. If you want to have a look we can duplicate your project and enable the sandbox environments so that you can have a go!

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Yes, I would like that if possible?

Staging projectID: #25850
Production projectID: #25478

Don’t know if it’s proper to use for production purposes already?
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