Required validation only for one locale

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Have a client who has a multi-locale website.

I am trying to make a setup so that certain English fields are required (SEO, title etc), but the corresponding in other locales are not – as they will be filling them up in the upcoming months.

Hope this make sense, thank you so much in advance :hugs:

hey @veljko unfortunately that’s not possible. What you can do is add the requirements at a later time. If you add a validation later, we’ll validate all the records and locales and mark them as invalid when necessary, so that from your frontend you can filter them and get only the valid ones.

Hope this solves your use case?

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Unfortunately it doesn’t as the UX of the Editor is the most important bit.

I’ve found a workaround is the add default values for that locale for all required fields, that way it passes validation!

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