Remove untranslated content


Previously we had a strong requirement that some of our content types should be translated to all available locales, this requirement is now removed. However, prior requirement being lifted a couple of new locales was added to our project. Making quite a few of our records invalid (since they were not translated).

I’m trying to find a way to remove an invalid “translation” for an record. Is there a way?

hello @mats-ola.persson, welcome to Community! :slight_smile:

Have you tried removing all-locales required already?



can you maybe share a link to a problematic record, either here via direct messages or over support? Thank you!

Sent you a slack with the link

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hey @mats-ola.persson we are thinking that maybe you’ve removed the “all locales required” after having added the locales?

If that is the case and you haven’t added much content, can you maybe consider removing and readding the locales now? It shouldn’t add them anymore.

Is there a way to see how much other content has been added in other places? I’m only responsible for a small part of the content in the project.

not yet, sorry :frowning:

You could using the APIs fetching all the records sorted by updated time. But not from the UI yet.

Ok, I’ll see if we find another workaround.

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