Record search functionality does not work with slashes in title

We typically use a Slug single-line string field for the primary field of our records related to pages, and of course this field typically has slashes.

We have found that this completely breaks the search functionality in the records list. Any text match only works up to the first slash, and then stops working. Worse, for records whose slug field starts with a slash, the search functionality does not work at all.

hi @seth.jeffery sorry for the late reply.

The fast search in index table page wonโ€™t work in your case because a field that contains a text like this /palermo/milano is not seen from our full text search engine as a word.

You could use a filter on the field with a contains rule, like this:

This should work like you expect :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have more questions!

It does work thanks, but itโ€™s a shame that we basically lose out on the regular search feature and have to train our staff on this workaround.