Record field with default value

Hi everyone! If I want to set up one of fields in each record with default value how I can achieve it? For examle I have two fields: quantity and text and I want to edit only field quantity in the future

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dmytro.sadovskyi,

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If you want a field to have a default value filled in, you can edit its field settings under the “Default value” tab and provide one:

We don’t technically have field-level permissions, but you can kind of fake it by either:

  1. Using a plugin like “Hide field from role”: Hide field from role - Plugins — DatoCMS

or maybe just making a fieldset like “For developers only, don’t edit” and moving those fields into there (if you trust your editors enough)

If you really need to enforce permissions for a field, it unfortunately needs to be in another model altogether. You can still link them with relationships.

Hello! Thank you very much for your answer! I solved this problem by adding a dropdown with values. But now I have one more question) How I can limit an amount for records in model? I have 3 records and I want to deny client creating new records or deleting existing.
Thank you!

I think it would be best to create a new Role for your client, letting them edit existing records but not create/delete/duplicate any existing ones: