Received status code 429

I’m receiving mostly “Received status code 429” when fetching the API today.
I’ve regenerated the API key just to see if it would fix the problem, but it has not.

@hesedel.pajaron 429 is an error code for rate-limit exceeded. What are you doing? Are you using our JS client for the REST API? That one retries automatically.

If you can give me more details on the project and queries you are doing I can try to recommend how to better tackle the problem. Feel free to reply at if you have private details.

Hello @mat_jack1, thanks for responding quick. I just read that in the documentation. It seems like it was fine going over 30 req in 3s before, unless that’s something new? Anyways, I’ll adjust.

yes @hesedel.pajaron we’ve actually raised the limit to 60 every 3s but we still need to update the docs. We were waiting to see if it was good enough :slight_smile:

Is it good enough for you?