Question about File Storage Limits

I was considering using DatoCMS and found this blocker 200 MB file storage for the developer plan. Whereas the pro plan starts with 500 GB which is a huge difference.

So which means I can only upload 200 MB of Images? or the limit is only for other files like ZIP, PDF?

I’m confused. Please help.


Hey Surjith! Yes, that’s correct, every file you upload (images, videos, zips, etc.) count towards the 200MB storage limit! The free plan is meant to be used for small project and statistically it’s enough! If you want you can consider switching to the Pro plan.

It’s not publicly stated, but for Indian customers we apply our Parity Purchase Program and you can get a life-time 50% discount on the regular price. It’s applied by default as soon as you insert “India” as the billing country during the purchase.

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@s.verna Any plans to change the quota in the future? for example, Sanity provides 5GB on the free plan. So, at least 2 GB or even 1 GB is a good fit in my opinion, but that’s of course your business decision. I appreciate it if you take this matter to your team.