Publish without affecting published date


We show contents of a category sorted based on the published date, for example, Friluftsliv | UTEMAGASINET.NO

Sometimes we need to fix typos etc and don’t want to change the published date. I see there are few feature requests.

We can introduce a custom field but synchronization seems quite complex.

what to do now?

@rislam you can customize the “firstPublishedAt” or you can add a field for the publication date. You cannot change the “publishedAt” though.

So you have these two options, but not the option of changing the “publishedAt”.

Hope that’s enough for you!

We want to keep track of published date with a custom datetime field as last updated at is always updated even if editor fixes any typo.

For this reason we introduced a datetime field and with field add-on plugin we are setting current datetime when editor creates the draft.

Now this field can also be changed by the admin/editor to set any date manually. But we would also like to update value of this custom published date field when editor sets future date to schedule publishing date.

Is it possible?

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hello @tarek, yes, it’s possible with a webhook. You can get the scheduled publication date from there and update your field, OK?

Thanks @mat_jack1

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