Publish deadlock

I have couple of models which are related. For example: Category and Products. Both refer to each other i.e. Category can contain multiple records of product and Product can contain multiple Categories (many-many relation) and both follows draft/publish systems. So when I add Draft product to Draft category and vice versa. I am not able to publish either. So I get an error message other record needs publishing. I end up in an deadlocked position. Am I doing anything wrong. I am using CMA apis.

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Hey @naren.bellala sorry for the delay here :frowning:

The problem is that this is a current limitation of our system, it’s not really a bug that we can fix quickly. We have this on our backlog of things to do, so it won’t be forgotten, but we don’t have an ETA for this, sorry.

hey @naren.bellala not sure if this is still interesting for you, but we have recently released this: More fine grained controls on publishing/unpublishing of linked records

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@mat_jack1 thanks for the comment. We are good. Thank you.