Proposal for enhanced content editor layout with customizable field widths

Dato is a great CMS that allows easy field creation. However, it generates a lot of white space in the editor. To improve the layout, I would like to propose changing the view from the basic one-column block layout to a four-column grid, allowing users to predefine the width of each field.
For instance, two single-line text fields could be displayed next to each other, each occupying 50% (two columns) of the width.

This change would provide more control over the content editor display, reduce unnecessary white space, and make the layout clearer and more compact.

These improvements can be achieved with a few modifications:

  • Implement styling changes to the content editor (see grid-styling.png).
  • Add an extra width option to all fields, except for Modular Content and a few others that should remain full width (see field-setting-width.png).
  • Render the defined width as a class to the form__field container.