How DatoCMS Feature Requests work

Hi, and welcome to the DatoCMS Feature Requests forum!

At DatoCMS, new product updates are added every few weeks. Many of them come from the same feature requests you see here. These are regularly read and considered, and the top posts (by vote count) are prioritized for planning and implementation. Requests that have been implemented will have an orange checkbox and the word “(Launched)” added to their titles.

As a small team, our focus is on delivering a nice, easy-to-use experience for typical editors. Every request is considered strategically and holistically, balancing new power with new complexity. We cannot add every request that comes in, or we end up looking like a nuclear power plant control room:

If a feature you want isn’t implemented yet, please try searching the forum first and seeing if a similar one has already been requested. If you find one, please vote on it using the button by its title:

It’s better to vote on existing requests (so its vote count goes up, making it more likely be added),. You can add additional details as a reply in that request if you have further thoughts or a slightly different use case. Of course, if you don’t find any similar requests, please feel free to create a post yourself!

If the feature is something you need urgently, you might be able to build it yourself. We recommend looking through:

Often, these will be faster than waiting for a feature request.

And if you need support, please post in the Support forum or email Both are regularly monitored. We’re happy to help!

Thank you, and keep those requests coming!