Products syncing to shopify

Hi! We use Dato to include our produts on our store in Shopify, and since yesterday this products are not sincyng anymore. I include a product on Dato yesterday and I can’t see it on Shopify yet. After 24 hours, and for now I can’t iclude the SKU on this product, which doesn’t permit it to be avalilable on my store. Can someone help?

Hello @leticia.padilla unfortunately we don’t manage ourselves the integration with Shopify. I think you should check with your development team what’s going on.

Let me know if I can help you further here.

We use the Shopify product JSON plugin heavily on 2 x Shopify sites and we definitely have this issue.

When I update a Shopify product, the info that shows in the Dato Shopify JSON string field show the updated product data but the actual data supplied is old.

At the moment, I have to advise clients to that if they’ve updated a Shopify product, they should delete the corresponding Dato Shopify JSON content block for that product and re-add it. This works. It seems to reset the cache on it.

This is an issue. I know this is just a comment without any demo. Will find time this week to create a demo.

yes @callum if you could provide an example we can look more into it.

Moreover the plugin you are mentioning is not what we have developed ourselves but it’s made by one of our users. I can try asking them, but not sure if they can help! :slight_smile: