Problem with fragments

I’ve created a new fragment:

fragment articleCard on ArticleRecord {

but then I get this error when I use the fragment in my query:

Ouch! The query has some errors! [
    message: "No such type ArticleRecord, so it can't be a fragment condition",
    locations: [ [Object] ],
    path: [ 'fragment articleCard' ],
    extensions: { code: 'undefinedType', typeName: 'ArticleRecord' }

the same fragment and same query in the explorer work without any problems.

Hello @elia and welcome to the community!

Are you using GatsbyJS by any chance? If not, can you send us the project ID that you are doing those requests on so we can take a look at what could be happening?

Thank you!

Hello @m.finamor,
I’m using Remix.
This is the project id: 96859 and here a screenshot of the working query in the playground


I couldn’t find the model “Article” in the project ID you sent, perhaps you are looking into a different project? Can you send me the URL you are using as the project explorer playground? (You can send at if you don’t want to share the URL publically)

@m.finamor I’ve sent the email with the explorer link!