Pricing options

Hi there,

I’m trying to work out our current options for upgrading off the basic free tier. Our site integrates well with DatoCMS, but our image assets are around 3-400mb. Other than file storage, we are well under every other limit of the free plan. It looks like for a while the file storage limit was upped from 200mb to 1GB, but then reduced back down again.

From reviewing pricing, it looks like our only option to increasing the file storage is to jump up to the 1200e per year tier? As we could probably suffice with just bumping up the file storage and leaving the other limits, I was hoping there might be another option I’m overlooking.

I also see that using our existing AWS/Google Cloud file storage is not an option without upgrading all the way up to the Enterprise tier, is that correct?


Hello @andrew.hill

Could you email us at with the needs for your use case?
This way we can see with the sales team if we can find a solution :slight_smile: