Pricing Confusion

Hi Team,

Love you work but the pricing changes are getting confusing. I am building sites for clients and looking to convert them on paid plans but the pricing is changing to frequently to be able to set consistent expectations with clients.

The first plan at 15 euro and another plan at 79 seem to have gone missing so the starting price point of 99 is steep for a small business, especially in AU otr NZ when you consider the conversion rate. I could easily sell you in at 15 euro and then move people along the plans as they grow or feature demand changes

** Update** i just logged into another client and just found a core plan as an option for 19 euro.

In addition in my backend, the pro pricing says 199 per month, and the website says 99. Which is it?

Iā€™m a big fan of you folk. Your customers are going to need some consistency.

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Hello @shannon1

we have kept the former Core plan enabled on every account that has used the Core plan before, so you should be able to keep using that on existing and future plans.

If you have problems or you need that enabled on another account please be in touch over at