Possible to update Gatsby Cloud preview site without build step? [edited title]

Not sure if this is possible. A client is wanting to know if there is a way to view previews of their site without having to run a build. (I think want to speed up the process of content editors previewing new content as the site takes a while to build currently) This doesn’t seem possible to me as it is a static Gatsby site.

Hello @richard.sando, i think this offers exactly what you are looking for: Gatsby preview - Live preview of your Gatsby website

Let me know if that was it!


Based on this post it seems Gatsby Cloud will be deprecated. What other alternatives do we have for live preview?

Sorry @technology,

With Gatsby Cloud being deprecated and the future of Gatsby itself uncertain, we don’t have a built-in solution for this anymore.

However, you should still be able to do it manually by forking your repo and creating a version of it that calls the same APIs but includes the X-Includes-Drafts: true header, as seen here: API endpoint and header modes — DatoCMS

That would probably have to be hosted on a separate instance/subdomain if you want your editors to be able to see it live on the internet.

Then you can use a plugin like Web Previews - Plugins — DatoCMS or Sidebar Link Buttons - Plugins — DatoCMS for them to quickly access the preview version.