Plugin v2 tutorial not working on safari when using localhost url

congrats for the amazing new plugin sdk!
I’m following the “Build your first plugin” tutorial but it’s not working on safari (v15.1 - macOS 12.0.1). It’s working perfectly on chrome.

I get the console message "[Warning] [blocked] The page at about:blank was not allowed to display insecure content from http://localhost:3000/.
[Error] Error: Penpal timeout

This is probably a localhost security restriction so I will be using chrome to develop the plugin.

Thank you for the report @fabio. We are going to check if it’s something we can do anything about or if it’s a Safari limitation.

Hey @fabio, I’ve checked, and I don’t think we can do anything about it. We’ll update the getting started guide to warn other people about it, thanks for noticing!

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