Personal workbench/dashboard

Hi! Recently switched from Drupal to Dato…missing the “My Workbench” feature and the way Content was displayed…all page types together on one page, with most recent first and a sort feature. Not sure the best way to explain if not familiar with Drupal. Having to switch back & for btwn different page types/Models can be cumbersome, especially if you’re not sure exactly what type you’re looking for. (I have screenshots, but I don’t see a way to attach.)

Hello @mphofer and welcome to the community!

I see, would you think that the ability to group several (and perhaps all) models into a single menu item, and then being able to filter over them would solve this issue?

Maybe? Like one main page with all recently updated content, regardless of the model type. Currently, we have very few who regularly update content, but in the future, we will open it up more to others. As the main web editor, it’s helpful to be able to see everything that’s been recently updated in one spot.

Did you tried the Content Calendar plugin? Content Calendar - Plugins - DatoCMS

thank you! I’ll give that a try!