Permit custom geolocation coordinates

It appears that the current geolocation field implementation does not allow entering custom coordinates. Due to the underlying code using the PlaceService.QueryPlaces API endpoint from Google Maps it tries to return a named location (e.g. the nearest inhabited area). For example, when entering “69.418017 -150.309004” (located in the wilderness of Alaska) it returns “69.0579 -152.8628”, which corresponds to “North Slope, AK, USA”; obviously, way off. It would be best if certain input patterns resulted in directly parsing and setting the lat/long values (e.g. when the user enters two float values separated by a space or a comma as in the example I gave).

Edit: As a workaround, I published a plugin called ‘Manual geolocation’ that lets me do exactly what I need.

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Thank you @catchall for the message, and the plugin I think is the best way to go! I’m linking it here just for future reference: Manual geolocation - Plugins - DatoCMS

Thank you!