Parse structured content in Ruby

Hi, I would like to parse structured content in Ruby. Are there any libraries available out there?

I’ve looked at the Javacript tools from the DatoCMS team, like datocms-structured-text-to-html-string. Are there any similar tools in other languages?


Unfortunate we don’t have that @gabriel

It’s only in JS for now, but please open a feature request as if there’s some interest around the Ruby version we’ll consider that!

Ok, thanks for your reply!

I’ll open a feature request for that!

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Gabriel, I made this one: GitHub - dewyze/dato_dast: Gem for converting DatoCMS Structured text into html, including an extension for Middleman.. Ideally I should abstract out the part that’s not specific to middleman in a separate gem and the middleman one can be the extension.

I should clarify, I’m not apart of the Dato team at all, just something I worked on on the side.