Object(...) is not a function Error after updating to Node 18

Hi, we testing updating our site to node 18.
We are using datocms-structured-text-generic-html-renderer v2.0.4 in an accordion component.
The render function is now returning the error Object(…) is not a function
A snippet of how we are using the function can be found below:

const defaultAdapter = {
      renderNode: hAdapter,
      renderMark: hAdapter,
      renderFragment: (children, key) => createElement('div', { key }, children),
      renderText: (text) => text,

    return render(
        renderText: this.renderText || defaultAdapter.renderText,
        renderNode: this.renderNode || defaultAdapter.renderNode,
        renderFragment: this.renderFragment || defaultAdapter.renderFragment,

Hello @ben.challenor and welcome to the community

Can you confirm that if you downgrade the node to a previous version the same snippet works?
If so, can you provide us with a step by step way to reproduce this on our end? As i tried with a generic render and Node 18 and couldn’t reproduce the issue :frowning: