Nuxt - cannot render content

I have modeled the movies index page on the Posts index page that comes with the Nuxt Starter
But something like {{ movie.title }} returned an error message:
Propertie "title"are not defined on the instance and referenced during render.
It’s probably something really basic but I just do not understand what is wrong

Thank you for your time.

the GitHub

Sorry but I’m not sure if your github repository is updated? I see that the last update is from 3 days ago and I cannot find any movie.title reference?


Sorry about that. Do not really know what happened to my last push to GitHub.
Anyway It has been updated.

Thank you for your time

If you are talking about this movie.title here:

Then the problem is that you haven’t defined that variable anywhere? Maybe you need to pass the movies to the MovieCardsList and loop through them in there?

Otherwise, can you please commit the error so that I can see the same problem that you are seeing?