New rule for "Roles", users can only work on specific locales

The multilingual features of DatoCMS are great, it would be awesome if they could be extended to the “Roles” too.

Some projects might need a lot of work to translate the content and it would be really helpful to have an additional option that limit a certain user with a specific “translator” role to only work on the locales of a record.

There’s a similar request, for a different feature, here: Ability to set Draft/Publish on locales basis · Issue #72 · datocms/product-roadmap · GitHub

+1, already have a client interested by this feature :slight_smile:

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+1 need it :slight_smile:

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+1 missing the permission setting(s):
User can/can’t edit/add/delete/publish/etc content for locale X

We definitely need this. We don’t want our editors to accidentally make changes in locales that they have no business to edit :slight_smile:
We have about 14 locales and growing at this point, this is one of the few missing features in datocms (we are currently evaluating dato & this is one of the sticking points).

We absolutely needs this feature as well as we are decentralising content management and would like to keep things tidy and safe between different languages. @DatoCMS, do you have an update about its development?

hey @sim.dim yes, we are writing the documentation and doing the last tests, it will probably be available in a couple of weeks (or maybe less!) :slight_smile:

This is now live: Translator roles: step up your content translation game !

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