New React Image Component is Only for Next

The new image component is a server component. The only React framework that supports server components currently is Next. Let’s say you don’t use Next, then how are you supposed to use this new image component? You can’t. So you should just that this is a Next only component, not React, because you can only use it on Next. Next is not React and in fact for many websites we no longer even use Next because it’s overly complicated, and prefer a basic Vite setup with React, in which case we can’t use the new Image component.

Hi @osseonews,

Are you using the <Image/> component, not <SRCImage/>? It should be clientside: react-datocms/docs/ at master · datocms/react-datocms · GitHub

Here’s a demo using Vite and the clientside component:

Thanks. Yes, we are referring to the SRCImage component. Your product update states that it is a new React component. But, it is a server component and as such only available with Next platform on React, right now. I don’t know of any other platforms that offer RSC at this time. So I think you should mention this, because it’s confusing. Really Next is not React, and Next itself is becoming a totally complex and difficult platform to work with, in my opinion. We can use the the <Image/> component in client side, but not <SRCImage/>. So is <Image/> still viable or will this be deprecated? Thanks.

So is <Image/> still viable or will this be deprecated?

It’s still supported, and we have no plans to deprecate it. The React ecosystem continues to evolve, of course, and we’ll keep an eye on future changes… but as of now, there is no reason to worry about losing the clientside version. They’re in the same package and the readme mentions both side-by-side, so we’re not prioritizing one over the other.

Your product update states… [snipped]

I see what you’re saying, and I’m sorry for the confusion here… you’re probably referring to this product update, right? New lightweight Image component for React, Vue and Svelte

Sorry about the ambiguity there. I’d be glad to update the post to be clearer about React Server Components & their relationship to Next. However, I wanted to check with you first: My understanding was that RSCs, while currently being limited to Next, will eventually make their way across the React ecosystem?

March 2023 discussion: React Labs: What We've Been Working On – March 2023 – React

And as of Feb 2024, it seems like they’ve reached React Canary and are slated for more widespread release? React Labs: What We've Been Working On – February 2024 – React

It seems to me that they weren’t really meant to be Next.js-specific (over the long term), just that Next was the first framework to pick them up, and other frameworks/bundlers are working on slowly integrating them over time?

Does that match your understanding as well? Just want to make sure we’re on the same page before I updated anything (i.e., that RSCs are primarily in Next right now, but will hopefully expand to other bundlers & frameworks in the near future?)