Need help with multilingual and settings.yml concept

First :
I’m struggling to output a localized text in the header partials, in Hugo Portfolio Demo template. I think the problem is here: So how can I create a localized Settings.yml with Datocms and Hugo? I’m coming from Middleman.

Second :
In fact I need to access the record associated to a single-instance model Home › intro_text. Found this in Dato Docs but, how to render this in my index.html in FR and EN :

// dato.config.js

module.exports = (dato, root, i18n) => {

  // returns the record for the `about_page` single-instance model
  // (or null, if it hasn't been created yet)

Can someone point out a tutorial or a solution?

Hello @guillaume !

Have you seen already this guide here: ?

If yes but you are still stuck, would you like to share the link to your repo so that I can maybe give it a go?

Success, i’ve got a Multilingual Hugo + Dato, all by my own :slight_smile: Only have to do a forEach withLocale.


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Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: