My npm dato plugin module is not listed in dato plugins explorer, this is my package that I published to npm by following this blog, But I’m not seeing my plugin in dato plugins explorer?

I’ve added, datocms-plugin in keywords field, package.json.

"keywords": [

Is this related with the entry point? The entry point for the module is the default one, localhost:5000.

hello @henok.tesfaye

unfortunately we are relying on NPM search results on their API which is quite slow to update and can take a very long time :frowning:

It will eventually appear, meanwhile I would recommend you to start with the private plugin. We surely need to find a better way to get the packages though.

Still your entry point should be different, have a look at this examples:

Hi @mat_jack1 thank you for your reply.
Yes, I tried with private plugins, with entry point both localhost and unpkg and it worked.
But I’m working this plugin for a company and they don’t want to setup the project locally and add it to their project(private plugin). What they want is to install my plugin by searching through the plugin explorer.

May be is there a way to add an empty plugin(placeholder) to their dato project, so that they can change the entry point to my plugin’s entry point? I think changing only the entry point to mine, will display my plugin.

can’t you use a private plugin pointing to a public entrypoint? that would allow you to use a private plugin on a live project, no problem!

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Thank you @mat_jack1, yes I can do that.