MUX video without playback controls

As a marketing type, given that I am streaming video from Dato using the mux playback ID, I would like to display video banners without the playback controls being visible.

technical details

We are using React/NextJS, and in the most recent version of the muxplayer ( elements/packages/mux-player-react at main 路 muxinc/elements 路 GitHub ) there is no way to disable controls.

We were using an older version of the mux player which did allow for controls to be disabled, but this player is not compatible with react 18.

Has anyone found a React player which supports mux streams (via the playbackId) and allows for disabling of video controls ?

Hello @omri.suleiman and welcome to the community!

You can disable some of the control elements through this attribute: elements/ at main 路 muxinc/elements 路 GitHub

Or do you want to completely hide the playback and adding all options doesn鈥檛 completely hide the interface?

Good morning Mr. Finamor, thank you for your prompt response; I was unaware of these options, and will try disabling everything, then report back here.

Thanks again :slight_smile: