Mux video quality vs original file

Hi, can anyone explain why the high.mp4 Mux version of the URL for a video differs so much in quality from the original stored in our media library?




Screenshots for reference:


Noting even that the Mux thumbnail has a slightly darker hue to it. although it is a lot closer to the original video quality:

Hello @jaysmith this is due to the Muxโ€™es bitrate, that can cause some noticeable differences for videos with very specific scenarios (several distinct small dots moving across the screen being the most challenging one, such as snow, confetti, rain, or the video you have in question) this goes for essentially all video compressing procedures, not being exclusive to Mux, but also in other video streaming services such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
They go a bit in depth on how this works on their data docs.
In this case, perhaps using the original non compressed video to stream should be the way to go, as it is very much an edge case

Thanks @m.finamor ,

Figured that might be the case. Thanks for confirming!