Multiple sites

Could I maintain several sites with the same Structure but with different content?

Hello @jesper.bisgaard and welcome to the community!

Sure! A way to do it would be to create a project with the structure you wish your other projects to have (so, with the Models, Fields, and blocks set up as you like)

And then, you can duplicate the project without duplicating records and assets, under your project dashboard:

This way you will create a project with the same Structure, but the content will not be duplicated.

Thank you.

Great thanks, could I also maintain the same structure over time? Like adding new fields and pushing them to all sites at once?

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Using the Content Management API you can make a script that gets all the models (and consequentially fields) from your boilerplate project, and synchronizes them with the other projects

Then, setting up a cronjob you can make this “Schema synchronisation” happen, or you can set it up to run every time you have some schema changes by setting up some webhooks on the dashboard that are triggered on model creation/deletion/update

Let me know if you run into any problems while implementing this solution.

Great thanks