Multi country setup


From what I’ve been able to gather the Localization functionality that DatoCMS offers basically is restricted to translations. But how would one setup a multicountry project?

For instance, 1 website that caters to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In all these countries they want to cater in the local languages plus English:


  • NL
  • EN


  • NL
  • DE
  • EN
  • FR


  • FR
  • EN

Now, the content will differ per content. So the page “contact information” in EN for the Netherlands contains different text than the page “contact information” in EN for Belgium or in EN for France. Also does that page “contact information” for the Netherlands not need to be translated to FR for instance.

Besides this, some pages in the Netherlands might not be available for Belgium or France at all.

What would be the best way to set this up?


Hi! I would create different models, one for each country!


But don’t localisation settings transcend models thus forcing FR translations for content in the Netherlands?

you can also have optional translations, so you don’t need to translate everything if you don’t need to. Does that help?

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