Moderating content from users in DatoCMS

I have a question about the feasibility of using DatoCMS for the following scenario:

I would like to create a web app with DatoCMS as backend (via APIs) where some public users can create content and then, later, that content to be listed in a gallery.

Before being published for public listing, each user content item(text mainly but possibly pictures as well) must be moderated/validated by a DatoCMS UI user (with a certain role).

How would I implement this use case with DatoCMS securely?

Hey @nokiola, thank you for your question!

What I would do is to let the users post to DatoCMS using a Lambda function (or something like this) with a specific API token that allows the creation of records, but not the publication.

Then a user with a specific role could either publish the records if they are created drafts or set a specific flag that mark the records as approved or just trigger a build.

What do you think?