Migration to structured text


I want to migrate html content to new structured text, i follow tutorial but i have an api exception:

ApiException: 422 INVALID_FIELD (details: {“field”:“validators.structured_text_blocks.item_types”,“code”:“translation missing: en.activemodel.err ors.models.dato/validator/structured_text_blocks.attributes.item_types.array”})

I was use the shell script of dato and i see the fork of main in my board: dato migrate --destination=XXXX --token=XXXX

Can i have some details ? thx

Hi @alukaard! We’ve just made the error more clear, but it seems that when you create the structured text field you’re passing an invalid payload for the structured_text_blocks validator. It must be an array of block IDs (or an empty array, if you don’t need any block).

If you can paste here the snippet I can be more useful :slight_smile:

Ah ok, i find my errors and its ok. Done migration :smile: