Migrating to DatoCMS from Wordpress

Hey everyone :wave: wanted to know if there was a library, or documentation of some sort, that could outline or help in migrating blog posts from Wordpress over to Dato. Done a fair bit of migrations, but with Contentful and their libraries for migration. Any guidance or insight would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Edit: have seen the wordpress-importer but sadly it wasn’t flexible enough to map the article’s content to rich text, or accept any custom configurations for that matter.

Posting in case this helps anyone in the future:
Was able to stumble upon the DatoCMS WP Importer, which can be found here. Very useful for simple projects but sadly not the case for me here. The importer ran into some issues when trying to import the media hosted on WP. I also realized it doesn’t allow you to configure the import in any way (i.e. import Articles as Blog Posts & have their content/body field be the RichText type).

hey @kestrada if you can share all the details of the import you are trying to do via support@datocms.com we can help trying to fix the script!