Media assets larger than 1GB

Is there a way to upload assets larger than 1GB to the media gallery?

Hello @ben.jordan and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately 1GB is the hard limit for the size of any file uploaded to the media area at the moment.

Thanks. So, maybe some guidance would be helpful if you can. We have a site offering courses, and there are some chapters in our courses that have videos with file sizes larger than 1GB. Would the best path, in your or the communities opinion, be to create a separate MUX account for the larger files, upload those there, then save the streaming URL as a single-line field in the model.

Trying to keep everything under one roof, but we will have some course chapters that we will be unable to get the file under 1GB.

Thanks in advance for your opinion/thoughts on this.

Iโ€™ve communicated this to the development team, and we are studying the possibility in the future of having more flexible file size limits, as it does seem like a sensible addition.
However for now, one of the solutions would be as you said, creating a custom MUX instance or to split the video into parts and them upload them into the media are (which would be quite a hacky solution as well)
But unfortunately we just donโ€™t support currently files that large on the media area natively, so i guess all solutions would kind of be work-arrounds

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