Media area localization

Do you have an option to remove localization for images in media area, please?

hi @naren.bellala nope Iโ€™m sorry. May I ask why would you like not to have this feature? Which is your use case?

Hi Faber,

Thanks for the reply. There is a huge admin effort to maintain and update metadata for each image on all 3 locales (in my case around 2000-3000 images) whereas all the locales have same values. Hence, to cut down the effort, is it possible to achieve this easily, please?

If you have to populate all locales and all of the locales must have the same values, then you can tell your editors to populate only one locale and then you can write a script that periodically fetches all uploads and populates the other locales with the data of the default one. More about updating an upload via API here.

Otherwise, you can try to fetch all the locales via GraphQL and edit your frontend code (Iโ€™m supposing you are building a website) to get the alt , title values (for example) from the fallback locale of your choice.

If the field containing the upload is localized, you can get all localized values by using the _all<FIELD>Locales graphql field, like so:

Even if Iโ€™m requesting data in italian, I can see the english alt/title values

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Thanks for the detailed reply, Fabrizio. Do you think if I write a script to update the upload will result in change in assets URL? If it doesnโ€™t, then this might be the best solution.

@naren.bellala if you change only the meta information of an upload, such as the title, the asset URL will not change

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