Max blocks per item

Hi, I just encountered the plan upgrade message for reaching the maximum blocks per item limit. The model I created had three props (url, seoMetadata and content - a modular content field).

I created my English version which contains a total of 58 blocks (some blocks contained other blocks).

I hit the limit as I filled in the other languages (which would have at least contained same number of blocks).

Should language really be included in the calculation for the block limit? Wouldn’t max per locale be more appropriate?

I managed work around this my creating multiple single language instances of the model and create a links property on each instance to link the language versions together.

But the publisher experience for this is terrible.

I also know that I could create a predefined model for each type of page. But this type of dynamic content is quite common on our website for campaign pages.



Hello @jamie.reddell I’m sorry but the limit is technical more than anything. As the blocks are all part of the record, even if in different locales, it’s a techcnical limitation that we have to avoid performance problems.

We can customize this limit on a per-project basis to raise it a bit, but we try to encourage different solutions.

So maybe get in touch via email at with your use case and we can discuss this through, OK?