Markdown Images out of order after importing to Structured Text

Hey all I’ve managed to do a test import with a single local markdown file into a Structured Text block. Code blocks work, the images upload, and formatting works but for some reason all my images aren’t in order.

Instead they’re all added to the very bottom of the article.

I followed the code and steps from this article Structured Text - Migrating content to Structured Text - DatoCMS Docs

I took different steps from the article because I’m creating a record instead of updating existing ones.

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Hello @dejaegher.ryan

I’ve tried reproducing the behaviour you described, and you are right, it is indeed a bug on the import script.

I’ve contacted the dev team to fix this and we’ll be in touch as soon as it is solved.

Thank you for letting us know!

@m.finamor that’s good news. I’ll hold off on doing the import until that’s sorted out. Thanks!

Hello @dejaegher.ryan

Sorry for the late response, but it should work now, as you can see in this example: