[MAJOR] pagination is broken and misses items if not supplied an 'orderBy'

i first reported this in slack ->

ref: https://datocms.slack.com/archives/C7SS10UUW/p1607618284232100?thread_ts=1607618284.232100&cid=C7SS10UUW

i noticed in my code, that pagination misses items sometimes, and, i was able to replicated this in the api explorer, where, clearly, one can see that, without a sort, some items can fall out of any page, and simply be skipped.

i’ve done a lot of work with pagination across various dbs and, i smell an implicit sort, which is non-deterministic, meaning, a request for page 2, and then page 3, can miss items that might sort either on page 2 or page 3 across requests.

simply put, pagination, in general, is unstable without a stable sort and it appears that the default case is to apply no sort for pagination (such as on id) such that pagination itself become non-deterministic.

which is a major, and massively breaking, bug, if true.

Thanks for the report, should be fixed now!