Main and footer schema design tips?

Hi there. I am trying to put together schema for our main and footer menus. I have created two models one for main menu and one for footer menu. Footer is fairly straight forward, but I have some doubts on how to properly model the main menu

The main menu items have drop down menus with links, photos, icons, etc. Each dropdown has a different layout. Example:

Drop down layout 1:

Drop down layout 2 (sorry just a quick mockup):

How do you guys model that? Should my main menu model only have main menu items and then for each dropdown create a separate Block? And then this block defines data of each dropdown?

Any other ideas how to approach that?

Maybe you can have the top 6 categories as records that you can reorder with drag-and-drop.

Then each of these records can have blocks for sub sections, like “By solution”, “By industry”, or a description as the second layout.

Then in the blocks you can have a list of links to the actual pages. From the final record you can pull the title, the thumbnail and the description.

So if you ever need to add a layer you can add a nested block and think about going deeper?

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@mat_jack1 thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.

I will try this way, sounds like a reasonable solution and se how this works out…

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