Localization time display setting not saved

The “24-hour time format” setting does not seem to be saved. Once the page is reloaded, or the browser is closed and restarted, it goes back to the default (enabled).

To reproduce:

  1. Edit an item with a date time picker. It’s in 24hr format.
  2. Go to Localization settings under your avatar icon. Change the time format to 12h.
  3. The date time picker on the current page is in 12h format (yay).
  4. Navigate to another entry. Time picker is still in 12h format (good).
  5. Reload the page. Time picker has reset to 24h format and the Localization settings dialog has reset as well.

Yes, I can reproduce, we are not saving that. We’ll be in touch soon!

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Hi @roger, thanks for reporting this :smiley:

It’s fixed now!

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@Souljuse Looks fixed to me too. Thank you!!

Sorry to reopen this, @Souljuse, but it doesn’t look like it’s saved between sessions. It works during the same browser session, but once you log out and back in (or maybe just reopen the browser window), it resets back to 24-hour time.

Could it possibly be saved either to a project (as a default) or a individual user profile (as a preference)?


Hi! Can you try again now? :slight_smile:

It still does not save across sessions :frowning: To reproduce:

  1. Change setting to 12-hour time
  2. Log out and log back in. It’s still 12-hour time (good)
  3. Start a new incognito window and log back in. That session now has 24-hour time again (broken).

We save localization settings, like all interface settings, in the browser’s local storage, so it won’t work in incognito mode for the time being. Sorry :frowning:

Ah, no problem, thanks for clarifying. I’ll just let the editors know their settings will only persist in the same browser window. Thanks!

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