List of external items fetched over api

Hey :wave:,

I am about to create a proof of concept with Dato CMS. I consider to use it in my company project.

One thing I would like to investigate first is if it’s possible to create an input which allows to select an item from the list fetched from an external api.

To give you an example, in my blog post I would like to display a list of related products, but instead of copying content from my shop I would like to fetch this data and make it possible for an admin to choose those products from a list for every single post.

Do you have any best practices in this regard ?

Hello @mikolaj

I’m not quite sure i understood what you are trying to do, could you elaborate a little further on your use case?
What do you mean by “choose a product from a list for every single post”?


maybe this issue could be approached in a different way than I imagine.

Since we are comparing the Dato CMS with Sanity Studio during the proof of concept , I will describe how it’s done in Sanity.

So in sanity I can create a custom select input in form of a react component. The react component calls my products API, receives the products collection and displays the list of products. I am talking about the admin panel, input is a part of the document (a model in dato).

Thanks to it, the CMS editor can select the product while writing a post instead of copying those informations manually from our shop (including the images)

Is it easier to understand now by any chance?


hey @mikolaj yes, you can do that with a plugin, something like this: Shopify product - Plugins - DatoCMS I imagine?

We are rewriting this plugin using the v2 of the plugin SDK in these days, so if you need to have a look at this quickly let me know and I can provide you pointers to the new version.

Thanks a lot @mat_jack1 and sorry for late reply, had to postpone the PoC a little bit :slight_smile:
The plugin you mentioned is exactly what I had on mind while writing my question. Thanks a lot. If possible I would love to have a look at the new version.

Hello @mikolaj

The new plugin version (0.1.3) is already available at that very same link :slight_smile:

If you have an old version installed on your project you can update it directly on your dashboard by going to Settings > Plugins > Shopify product

There you can check if you have the latest version, and upgrade it if its not at 0.1.3