Linking to content items in Multiple-paragraph text

Regardless of whether I’ve chosen HTML or Markdown I can’t work out how to add links to other content items. The link tool seems to only offer manual URL entries. Is there a shorthand format I’m meant to use? Or something I’m meant to turn on?

You’re right, HTML/Markdown fields don’t support links to other records.

Later this week we’ll release a new field called Structured Text that will let you do this and a lot more:


Ah yep, of course. I had seen the Structured Text video. Will Structured Text be available as a Field Editor option for existing Multi-paragraph Text items? Or only as its own field type?

Nope, it will be a field on its own!

Thanks @s.verna

Will there be a way to migrate Multi-line text fields to Structured Text fields?


have a look at this documentation page:

Aaaand it’s live!

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Thanks both!

A couple of silly questions.

  1. How do I add custom block types as seen in the video where an Image block is available? Is it only via the CMA?
  2. Is there a way to restrict the available heading levels?


This is how you can add custom blocks:

And it’s not possible to restrict heading levels atm, but we can add more formatting options in the future depending on the feedbacks we receive!

Ah. That makes sense. I’d added a Structured Text field within a Block in a Modular Content field. In that context it doesn’t give you the option to customise the blocks further I take it?

Yes, that’s correct. Nested blocks are still not available!