Link Field that Includes Value of another Field?

We have a preview functionality for our system which allows us to review the content in our system (e.g. and verify that we’ve set up our models properly in DatoCMS.

Is there a way to have a field type in a model which allows us to insert a value of a different field? That way I could just ‘click a link’ at the bottom of a model instance to preview it in our test system. (e.g. instead of copying the ref and pasting it in a URL bar)

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Hello @pete

There is no native way to do this, but this is absolutely doable through a custom plugin using our plugin SDK, with it, you can create your own custom fields, populate them programatically based on other fields if you’d like, and customise it’s appearance however it may suit your editors needs.

Here is the documentation for the plugin SDK: Plugin SDK - Introduction - DatoCMS Docs


Thanks @m.finamor We’ll take a look at this