Limits of Jamstack (number of pages)?

I’m working on a real estate site with will have in the region of 750 properties.
I want to use Nuxt + Netlify as a static site generator to build the site when publishing on DatoCMS. I know the hard limit on Netlify is 30mins.

Has anyone had experience of where the limits of a Jamstack approach are in terms of number of pages / complexity of site?
Is the performance of some static site generators better than others?

I’ve yet to import the content to test as waiting for an export…
The site is currently on Drupal and runs very slow. The SEO of the pages is very important so SPA is not an option. I’m motivated to make Jamstack work, potentially with some incremental deployment or other solutions.

hey @jacktcunningham_publisher

I think 750 pages are not going to be a problem with whatever SSG you are going to use.

There are more performant and less performant SSGs that you can try, but in general if you are around 1000 pages it’s not going to be super fast, but it’s going to work!

Then you can use hybrid approaches by using Next.JS on Vercel for example, where you can mix the static with the server rendered + caching.

So there are different approaches to solve your problem, let me know if you have specific queries later on :slight_smile:

That’s great to know! I will get the content imported and see how it looks. If I have problems I’ll let you know. Thanks!