Latest IMGIX v4 gem has a breaking change

Noticed when doing a jekyll build with
dato 0.7.13
imgix 4.0.0

Gives this error: /gems/imgix-4.0.0/lib/imgix/client.rb:97:in 'validate_domain!': The :domain option must be specified

Rolling back to 3.4.0 builds fine, but we get this message:
Warning: The identifier 'host' has been deprecated and will appear as 'domain' in the next major version

Hi @cityofsydney thank you for reporting this!

I opened a issue internally. Could you stick to the 3.x version right now?

Yeah, no problem :slight_smile: Thanks @fabrizio

Just wanted to add that this error was happening when doing a to_hash on a gallery component.

adding gem 'imgix', '3.4.0' to the GemFile install this version.

hello, weโ€™ve released version 0.7.14 that should solve this issue, please let us know!