Label not linked to checkbox

Describe the issue:

If you click on the label that should correspond with the checkbox under the “validations” tab in any type of field, the checkbox doesn’t get checked. I’ve checked the code and it it seems like the checkbox doesn’t have the correct id. The label has a for attribute to a id that doesn’t exist.

Here is an example of the label that should check/uncheck the checkbox. (Highlighted label)

I’ve copied some code from the devtools as an example of how it should be

<label for="validators.required.enabled">Required</label>
<input name="validators.required.enabled" id="validators.required.enabled" type="checkbox">
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Whoops! That’s embarrassing. Good catch, thanks for the report, and welcome to the forums @Daantjuh! I’ve reported it as a bug to the devs :slight_smile:

@Daantjuh, this should be fixed now! Thanks again for the report :slight_smile: