Issue fetching new modular components

I am having issues fetching new blocks added to modular components via the ruby Graph API client. The query works fine in the API explorer tab but returns a No such type {block name}, so it can't be a fragment condition

hey @alex1 which Ruby client are you talking about? Our own doesn’t use GraphQL, it’s using the REST API.

Can you maybe provide some code to help me reproduce the issue?

Hey @mat_jack1 so this query… { allPages { id modules { ... on AccordionModuleRecord { id } } } }

works in the API viewer but using the Graphlient client like… graph_client = '', headers: { "Authorization" => "Bearer #{ENV['DATO_API_TOKEN']}" } ) graph_client.query "{ allPages { id modules { ... on AccordionModuleRecord { id } } } }"
returns the error Graphlient::Errors::ClientError (No such type AccordionModuleRecord, so it can’t be a fragment condition)

This has worked fine for a month and still works for existing modules but doesn’t work for any new modules added or any existing modules for which I edit the name

the same request appears to work fine with a CURL request so potentially an issue with the graphlient client. It appears to be failing the current schema validation if that means anything?

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same problem here!