Is there any issue of directly navigating to Dato record edit page from different domain?

Hello, we have a sporadic issue of Dato CMS crashing, content team flagged that it will happen when navigating to Dato record from our app using Open Dato link.

export const DATO_EDITING_URL = ({ modelId, recordId }) => `${modelId}/items/${recordId}/edit`

// We will get the link by passing the modal id and record id
link = DATO_EDITING_URL({ modelId, recordId })

<a id='dato-link' href={link} target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>
   open dato

Is there anything we overlooked here which causes crashing issue when navigating to Dato record page using our Open Dato link from our app?

Hello @henok.tesfaye

This should work, could you make sure that the person reporting this error has 2FA enabled on their account? As your project has a “Only allow users with 2FA to login” that could be the source of your error if the user trying to access that link doesn’t have it.

If you think that isn’t it, you can email us at with a screen recording of the error and the link that caused the error