Is there a way to change all records in multiple link field at a time?

I have two models QuestionSet and Question. QuestionSet has a multiple link field, questions. In Question model there is a field instructor. All questions inside QuestionSet model has the same instructor and it has more than 50 links. Is there a way to change all these 50 Questions instructor at a time instead of changing every single Question instructor?

hey @henok.tesfaye I think that the only way for you to do that is by writing a small script using our CMA: and update all those records in one go.

In general I think that if you start using our API and you write a couple scripts than doing these kind of tasks become trivial! If you invest a little bit of time now it will pay off very soon if you keep using DatoCMS :slight_smile:

Thank you @mat_jack1. I’ll try the CMA.

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